Aug 28, 2019

Muscle Up with Ben

This will involve going through and teaching progressions for ring and bar muscle ups, all the way from very beginner up to advanced. Hopefully, we will get a few first muscle ups during the workshop!

July 28, 2019

Programming with Ben

Come along to learn how we create the program that you guys do daily and find out what we are trying to achieve. This is a great opportunity to ask tons of questions and also give feedback, as well as learn a bit.

June 23, 2019

With so many, often conflicting, diets out there, how do you decide which (if any!) you should choose?! with Dr. Sinead

Join us for a seminar addressing the key principles behind common diets and why they may not (or may!) help you reach your health and performance goals. In this short workshop we will use these diets to understand the things we need to fuel our bodies for activity inside and outside the gym, and then look at easy practical ways to fuel ourselves in this way!

June 1 & 2,2019

Upper Body Mobility with Pauline Provost.

We have a guest expert coming in to the box to deliver an awesome seminar. Pauline Provost is a mobility expert who has been working with the famous Kelly Starrett.

The seminar is fully interactive and is limited to 12 people per session. You will be receiving almost individual instruction and have the mobility techniques applied to you specifically.

 We will cover mobility tools as well as specific activation and stretching techniques that will allow you to fix your shoulder/upper body mobility issues. This will reduce pain, incorrect movement patterns, improve your overhead movements and arm you with some serious know how.

£75 (non-members), £50 (members)