We keep our class sizes small so the coaches can be there to guide you throughout the class. You can expect a personalized experience at redsun in line with your goals and needs, which will help you get the most of your training and see fast results.

All classes are programmed by our highly qualified, experienced Head Coach.

crossfit 60'

conditioning program using constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. Our flagship class. Suitable for all levels.

engine 30'

pure cardio session. Will keep you burning calories long after the workout.

burner 30'

high-intensity workout using functional body weight movements and light to moderate loads. Perfect for beginners or those with a busy schedule.

core 30'

workout with focus on core and abs.

mobility 30'

session to improve your range of motion and joint mobility. Helps prevent injury and sustains performance improvement. Free for all members.

open gym

Come and practice at your own pace. Our coaches are on hand to help you use our gym.