why is CrossFit expensive?

Alongside people mistakenly thinking they aren’t fit enough to participate in CrossFit, the other number 1 reason people are put off is the cost of membership. I’ll try to explain why membership is relatively high and why it is 100% worth it!

People seem to lump together CrossFit against other regular “Globogyms”, i.e. large membership, annual fee, open gyms; we all know what I am talking about, the classic gym model. They do this and compare the potentially £20 per month globogym membership against a potential £150-200 per month CrossFit membership and the are put off.

Firstly I will challenge you to separate these two types of “gyms” in to separate categories and class CrossFit more as a sports club in comparison to the globogym.

So where does the difference in price come from?

membership models

Globogyms run on the model of extremely large numbers of members paying monthly and locked in to 6/12/18 month contracts. They do this because they rely on members only attending once or twice per week on average with many members only attending every other month. Couple this low attendance with being locked in to a contract for a full year and you are basically just paying the globogym for nothing. Therefore, these gyms don’t really care if you turn up or not, once they have you signed up they forget about you.

In CrossFit, memberships are small with 80% plus on members training 4-6 times per week. This means that memberships have to be small, as with a globogym, if their members attended this much you wouldn’t be able to walk in the door with all the people.

This results in CrossFit gyms knowing their members personally, are able to give them tons of attention and cater for their needs, and genuinely care about them as people.


CrossFit is a class-based training program, being lead by coaches. Coaches will scale workouts to your specific skill/fitness level, adapt movements around injuries, push you in a safe way and want you to improve. Conversely the globogyms don’t really run classes, they don’t know you or your history (injuries, fitness etc), their classes are generic, and you are basically left to your own devices. This results in plateauing, loss of motivation, no clear goals, no encouragement, or even injury through unsafe movement.

CrossFit prides itself on seeing its members improve and you will never be left to plateau. You will be guided and pushed towards achievable goals and will see your fitness improve.

coaches and experience

CrossFit is such a broad discipline, coaches need to have experience in diet, gymnastics, weightlifting, endurance, physiology, biological processes, diseases and injuries. Therefore when you come to a CrossFit gym, you know that your coach has enough experience and training that they will be able to advise and coach you towards your goals in the most effective way.

Globogyms, are not coached and you are left alone and if you are in a class, they are more focused on shouting at you then actually correcting and teaching. This is the polar opposite to CrossFit.

Coaches are often mentored by more experienced coaches in the gym and many run or encourage coach development through learning or in-house programs. CrossFit gyms are only as good as their coaches and therefore invest a lot of time in to providing the best they can.

class size and culture

As I have mentioned, membership numbers are small in CrossFit, which translates to small classes. Usually classes are 10-16 people per coach at a maximum which allows the coach to move through and give each member time in order to correct, or teach movement, as well as direct intensity. This is not usually the case in globogyms, where classes can be 30+ per coach who usually just stands at the front of the class.

CrossFit is a community, we encourage members to socialise, make friends and support each other. This breeds a culture that is focused around wellness and increasing general fitness. CrossFit gyms run seminars for their members (e.g. on nutrition, sleep, rehab etc), as well as encourage charity fundraising, fitness competitions, physical challenges…. and so on. This all helps to create an atmosphere of encouragement, acceptance, and really build an uplifting community.

In summary, CrossFit is built around you as a member, you are an individual to the gym and we want to see you succeed in achieving your goals. We try to create an environment unlike any other in the fitness space and if you haven’t already decided to try a class then I suggest you do, as the best way to experience all this is first hand!

by Ben Svendsen, published 7 August 2019.